Kindle & eBook Formatting


Included in the price you’ll receive your book as:

  • Kindle .mobi file for Amazon
  • ePub file for other markets (Kobo, Google Play, etc.)
  • PDF

Choose the word count of your book from the dropdown below (if your book is over 150,000 words please get in touch for a quote)


Product Description

We’ll take your Word document and convert it to mobi, ePub and PDF so that you can easily upload it to whichever publishing platforms you want.

We’ll be adding extra options soon in case you need strange formatting or images in the text but the basic option above is what most authors will need. If you’re not sure or want to ask any questions at all then please drop us a line, we’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you have.

Since the ebook revolution kicked off a few short years ago, the number of people reading ebooks on their devices, whether they do it on an Amazon Kindle, Nook (from Barnes & Noble), iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones or any other ‘black mirror’ which reads Mobi, ePub, PDF and the mutlitude of other ebook formats out there, readers demand that publishers create beautiful ebooks in as readable format as possible.

Whilst we appreciate that creating Mobi, ePub and PDF files of your finished manuscript is something you can do yourself, the process of producing consistent formatting across all the various ereaders can be a laborious and time consuming process. We also know that automated software often doesn’t produce the resulting ebooks that your manuscript deserves.

And that’s where Electric Indie Author Services comes in. If you’re confused by the prospect of ebook formatting or just plain can’t be bothered we’re happy to step in and save the day!