Terms & Conditions


There are no refunds for completed work. Refunds will only be issued if we are unable to undertake the work.

Copyright & Ownership

You retain all copyright and ownership of your manuscripts submitted for eBook formatting and conversion. Once you receive the finished files from us they belong to you.

Plagiarism & Breach of Copyright

It is your responsibility to ensure you own the right to the manuscript you submit to us. We accept no liability for any work we convert. If you infringe the copyright of someone else’s work it is solely your liability and furthermore if we discover you have infringed the copyright of another author we will cease to work with you and may refuse to refund depending on how much of the work has been undertaken.

Unsuitable or misleading material

We reserve the right to refuse to convert any document that is defamatory, pornographic, or aims to incite discrimination. Or for any other reason we see fit. If we choose not to undertake the work we will refund your payment.

We accept no responsibility for anything contained within the manuscripts we convert. Converting a manuscript does not indicate any sort of endorsement and we are not responsible for correcting existing errors in spelling, grammar or misleading or inaccurate information that may have been included in the manuscript.


We are not liable for damages, including lost revenues, loss of business, or loss of data related to these services.

We are also not responsible for problems outside its control such as server or internet services being temporarily unavailable.